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About Me

About Me

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to Dwell & Dine. Let me tell you about myself. I am a wife to Blake and a mother to the most precious kiddos, Eden and Ezra. I also work full-time.  I’m an interior designer by profession. But…I always find it hard to tell people that. I always feel the need to explain it. Usually people associate interior design with the HGTV decorating world. I have always worked in the more technical, interior architecture part of the field: designing floor plans, doing hours and hours of AutoCAD and managing projects. I am super organized (some would say I have a touch of OCD) and I love math, so this part of the ID career is great for me. All that to say, I do sometimes need an outlet away from all the technical, and that is where my other creative side comes in.

I am really passionate about food, parties, entertaining, food, decor, graphic design, food, and more food. I grew up in the deep south – Jackson, Mississippi to be exact – where food is life. Ok, ok, maybe not everyone’s family I knew obsessed over food like mine did, but food is pretty important down there regardless. Every wedding, shower, holiday, barbecue, etc. revolved around “what are we going to eat?” I grew up eating at great local restaurants in Jackson and visiting New Orleans frequently, where there is some of the best food around. My family really taught me to appreciate the southern food culture and appreciate the local food community. My dad had even started selling Mississippi food products at the local farmers market and started a blog titled “What’s Cooking Mississippi.” I also was raised cooking and baking with my mom. She worked full time but still came home and cooked real, from scratch meals most nights. I never ate a frozen dinner or refrigerated cookie dough. My love and appreciation for food and the culture surrounding it runs deep, folks.

So, when I am not teaching someone to potty on the toilet, doing countless puzzles and baby doll rocking, dance parties, sleep training, or wiping snotty noses. I spend a lot of my free time baking, cooking, designing and planning parties for myself and friends as a creative outlet from the super technical world I’m in at work. Because of this, I get a lot of questions about favorite recipes, party planning and design ideas so I thought this blog would be the best way to share them. Hope you enjoy!

Sarah T.