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It’s Easter Time! I love Easter. I usually throw a big Easter Feaster at my house for all my friends and their kids every year which has just gotten larger and larger as our families grow and make new friends. I am also always the one to tell people to join us if they have no where else to go. I, however, will not be doing it this year since, you know, I had a baby about 1 week before Easter. Maybe next year I will blog about my big blow out…

I still wanted to bring you some fun Easter content, though. I had to get Eden’s Easter basket together early since I wasn’t sure when baby boy Thornell would make his debut. Also,  I knew I wouldn’t be able to run out and grab a bunch of things the week before with a brand new baby in tow. Of course, as anyone who is VERY pregnant would do, I searched online for some great items to fill her basket this year, because who wants to walk around a lot of stores with a large watermelon strapped to the front of them???

I love putting together a good basket and that doesn’t change with my 2 year old, even though I am fully aware she doesn’t appreciate the well-designed and cool kid products I found for her. But one day she will look back at pics and hopefully see how cool her mom is/was. I don’t want to fill her basket with a bunch a junk she will break in a few days but still have things she loves to do. Growing up, my Easter basket was just full of candy, which i loved, don’t get me wrong. I still go out and buy many of the same candy that always filled those brightly colored plastic eggs every year. I am trying to not give Eden too much sugar, however, so I wanted to fill her basket with other things she enjoyed. Now she does love sweets (what kid doesn’t??) so i did find some organic items to put in there along with the other fun items. See below for some fun ideas.ACS_0179_Fotor

Eden loooovveeesss to read. Probably because she is a genius. She could literally sit in our laps and have us read the same book over and over for hours. It gets pretty repetitive for me, but I don’t ever want to discourage her love of books so this is always a great option for any gift giving opportunity. I saw this one on (which is a store in my hometown where my mom buys most of Eden’s clothes. It is super cute and you should check it out, especially if you live in Mississippi and are trying to be a little more of a modern mom. Eden loves the books where she can point out and name things, so this was perfect. Welcome to my House: A Collection of First Words by Gaia Stella is well illustrated and just a really cool book that can be passed down too. It has all the everyday household practical words she needs to know and they are shown in such a beautiful way. You can also get from Amazon and Target, but let’s support local business if we can, shall we!?

What is it with toddlers and stickers?? She lives for them. I guess I liked them as a youngin’ too. I found this Super Totally Awesome Sticker Book at Target that was so cool. It may be geared toward an older crowd, but she doesn’t care as long as it sticks. I tore a few pages out to show you how cool they were. Just check out those modern black and white pineapples. I’m just a sucker for good design and thought these were just really cool. I also found that Happy Spring Sticker book at Target that is filled with stickers she can actually color. She’s really into the abstract scribble look right now and probably will not stay within the lines of these “Spring and Easter themed” stickers, but she will have a blast doing it regardless.

Eden got a play kitchen for Christmas and is obsessed with it. She sprinkles in all the play food she has into a pot and then brings it to us to eat. It’s literally the cutest thing ever. Anyway, I ran across these felt donuts at Target (what would life be like without Target?). They were so cute and our family is slightly obsessed with donuts, so I had to get them.

I’ve never put temporary tattoos on her, but she loves to be “stamped” at school and combine that with her love of stickers, I thought she would love these! I can’t wait to see how she reacts to them. Meri Meri makes really cute ones – I got these from Amazon. I also got some Love and Lion tattoos that are based out of right here in Nashville but didn’t get them in time to make the pic. Check their Etsy shop out as they have really cute ones too aaannnnd *bonus* they are a small business to support!

Ok, Ok, I am not one of those super strict, no sugar ever, moms. They are kids. I had sugar. I am fine. I also bake a lot, so homegirl is going to eat some sugar in her life. I do try to limit it, as I want her to be healthy and not have toooo much. I found some really great organic options at…you guessed it…Target. I am there so much buying new baby items, it was just easier.

Check out:
Organic Ocho Peanut Butter Eggs
Black Forest Bunny Gummies and Jelly Beans

Side note: I currently am bribing her to use the toilet by giving her a Black Forest gummy bear when she goes, so I know she already loves them. There is something about having the word organic slapped across the package that makes me feel better. Just ignore the peeps I’ll be slipping in, simply because they are my guilty pleasure and I want her to experience my own nostalgia.

Hope this helps with some ideas for your little one’s modern easter baskets!!

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