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Today is another throwback to when I threw a “come and go” baby shower for my friend. This is her 4th and really only needed baby essentials (diapers, wipes, etc).  We thought come and go would be perfect since we wouldn’t be opening gifts or doing shower games, etc.

I still wanted the shower to feel special and love to celebrate all the new babies!! Below you will see just a couple things I made to add some special touches to the shower without throwing a full on “1st baby-type” blowout.

1. Make a special dessert to match a simple theme: Chocolate covered oreosfinished drizzle 2

These are so simple to make and delicious. You can dip in any chocolate or colored candy melts and add sprinkles or more chocolate in whatever color you want to tie in any theme. They would make great favors, too! Who doesn’t want an oreo covered in more chocolate?? I don’t want to live a world where that exists. Moving on…

Here is the trick to making these…MOLDS. You can buy these very inexpensively off amazon (link here), and make this job so, so easy. Now you can, of course, dip oreos in chocolate without them, but if you want a very clean professional look, this is the way to go. See directions and pics below.ingredients

STEP 1: Melt white chocolate. I used the Ghiradelli brand which worked beautifully. You can do this in a double boiler or microwave – just be sure to melt slowly and don’t let it burn or else you will have to start all over.melts

STEP 2: Pour a little bit of chocolate into the mold.molds with chocolate

STEP 3: Place an oreo and gently press down.oreo in choc

STEP 4: Pour more chocolate on top.covered in choc 1covered in choc

STEP 5:Tap mold lightly on counter.

Allow time to set up. I put mine in the fridge to harden.

I put some sprinkles in the bottom of some of the molds. I didn’t love the way they turned out because some of the white chocolate oozed through them.

For the other half, I melted some more white chocolate, tinted with yellow food coloring and then drizzled over hardened oreos which I think turned out cuter.finisheddrizzled 2finished drizzle 1

2. Make a festive favor: Popcorn Box Favorfinished 9

I always like to send guest home with a little something. And yall know me and my popcorn obsession (see any other party I have done recently). I decided to make some white chocolate popcorn. I had made this for her other sprinkle and thought it was so yummy. I knew I could use the popcorn boxes to turn them into a pretty package. Follow directions below to see how to put these together.

Items you will need:
Wilton Clear Party Bags
ribbon of your choice
popcorn boxes
labels or stickerscomponents

STEP 1: First, I made the popcorn. You could certainly use store bought to make this even easier, but here is the popcorn recipe I used.popcorn

STEP 2: Divide popcorn into these small plastic bags.popcorn bags

STEP 3: Tie with ribbon.

STEP 4: “pop” (pun intended) into the popcorn boxes.finished 2

STEP 5: Add a stick or label to the front. I get these round stickers from Paper-Source. They have a template that makes them easy to print on and come in every color.

Seriously so easy and such a cute idea for any shower or party!

See below for a few more pics from the shower:balloonscupcakesat party 1at party 2at shower

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